A Shift

I had this urge to blog since last year, but it wasn’t until this year, in June, where I decided to at least set up the site. A ton of questions arose –

  • What will I write about? Don’t I need a focus?
  • Will I be anonymous?
  • SHOULD I be anonymous?
  • What will the title of my blog be?
  • Who is going to read this?
  • What is my purposes in writing?

Since I’ve started small businesses before I knew these were all typical questions our ego likes to inundate us with in order to STALL THE PROCESS. Yes, stall the process.

It’s like Gay Hendricks writes about in The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, we tend to create problems whenever we are about to make “a leap” so that we can just brush up against our “upper limit” of happiness.

Remember, our ego likes to play big in our heads but small in life.

So I knew that amidst a busy life I needed to at least set up a blog, you know, have a layout, think of a name I would be ok with for a while, and start writing (which ironically is probably the hardest part of blogging  ;)).

I’ve been enjoying this immensely to say the least. I always knew I was a creative person and needed to share it someway, somehow – and for this I am forever grateful.

And then comes the shift. A tiny, small shift, but a shift nonetheless.

A name change. Yup. A change in name.

A wise person by the name of Jasmine Star once said, your _____ (insert anything you want here, i.e., blog, business, website, etc.) will change over time but YOUR NAME never will.

Now that’s not a direct quote but you get the jist.  So while I love sharing deep truths of our human experience, my human experience, and how to uplevel our lives, I also am a photographer, consultant, yogi, and so much more, and love that I can share all aspects of who I am here and be of service as a whole human being.

We are prisms of beautiful shades of light and how amazing is it we get to be as unique as we are?!

And with that said, thank you for doing the same and sharing YOUR light. The world is a brighter place with everyone shining brightly, sharing words and art, and most of all living out life in the highest way possible only YOU know how – because you are one of a kind after all 🙂

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