A Student Of Life. Always

What do you love learning? In what ways do you learn best? Workshops? Online? YouTube? 1:1?

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with learning. When I was a little kid I would go to the library and eat up all the books ranging from nature, science, travel, culture, and of course all the fiction I can handle (SVH or Goosebumps anyone?!)

To this day, I listen to podcasts any moment I am not singularly focused on something. As I get ready in the morning, while I’m cooking or cleaning, and definitely when I am commuting. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain new perspectives and learn something new! And it doesn’t stop there, I watch online seminars, consume large amount of literature, and sign up for workshops.

I am a student of life. Always. Because I believe we are evolving every minute of every day and discovery & growth is at our fingertips if we’re open and willing to learn.

Tomorrow, I head to New York for an intensive on coaching the unconscious mind. I am in love with it already. We will be learning everything from re-wiring old programs, neutralizing triggers, rapid change techniques for working with emotions, and more. ?

I can’t wait to share what I learn ?.



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