Approval & Acceptance

Approval and acceptance. It’s such a hard thing to get away from isn’t it?

When you are going about your daily life or making key decisions (that ultimately will change the direction of your life) ask yourself this question: if you need these two from anyone other than yourself to make you “ok” or “happy” are you ready for the roller coaster? And by roller coaster I mean the worst one you can possibly imagine!

Just remember this one thing: to need approval or acceptance from anyone implies there is lack, but how can that be when you’re already perfect?

Once you have accepted this and are willing to change, fundamentally, how you look at approval and acceptance, has begun to change; pat yourself on the back. That is half the battle. However, understanding how human nature and psychology works this new belief now needs to be set in the brain. You must set new patterns to break old ones.

Just as you practiced the old beliefs around approval and acceptance you must practice the new, positive, truer belief around approval and acceptance.

Just remember that changeĀ is possible and you are already perfect.


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