Are You Aware Of Confirmation Bias?

Did you know that in every moment you actually have the power within yourself to choose what you want to think about? In previous posts I’ve written a lot about how important it is to, yes, CHOOSE your thoughts.

Did you also know that you and the person next to you, on average, have 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day? And furthermore, did you know that 95% (some even say 98%) of those thoughts are the same exact thoughts you had yesterday?!?!?

I don’t know about you but when I first heard this fact it was astounding to me. And when I heard it the second time around it made me stop everything I was doing and truly take it in.

Something changed within me when I decided to pause and truly think about this.

If we think the same thoughts as yesterday how powerful is this as a way to evaluate our lives? Take inventory right now. When you think about what was top of mind yesterday, did you have those same thoughts today?

And how do you feel right now? Scan your body and take a deep breath? Are you tense? At peace? Anxious? Worried? Elated? On average what is the dominate emotion in your body?

The next day, after I let this fact seep in, I became aware of every recurring thought.

Once I saw the thought creep in, I would find myself affirming the positive, or looking around myself to be grateful for, or send love to someone, anyone.

Which brings me to the confirmation bias. Ever notice that what you focus on expands? Let’s say for example you’re thinking of buying a Honda. Every time you go on the highway or park your car suddenly you notice Honda’s everywhere! Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect dress in red or a navy blue tux for a friend’s wedding this summer. All of a sudden you’re looking for the these items in advertisements, on people, while passing through the mall, or even more, searching for other people wearing it on Instagram!

If we believe we are taken care of. If we believe, no matter the situation, things always ends well. Why not start small and decide to choose more than 5% of our thoughts to new ones? Or re-program what we think about on a daily basis such as love, gratitude, faith, and adventure?

It boggles my mind at the potential of how much more creative and loving we can be as people if we can get our monkey brains from limiting us from the same recurring thoughts 😉

Personally, since I’ve become more aware of this I’ve found it to be relieving and empowering at how much control we have over our own lives!

So to start off this fabulous week I urge you, focus on the positive, focus on the good in your life, focus on your dreams and aspirations! It’s time to let go of the past and fears around what’s to be. Have faith.


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