Compassion As An Aspect Of Surrender

Many times I have spoken about surrendering all attachment in difficult times. Most recently I mentioned how surrendering allowed me to make healing in leaps and bounds toward complete recovery from adrenal fatigue.

Perhaps it’s the peace that comes with complete surrender that allows for the body and mind to heal. When we give up hope (in a sense) of any outcome or attachment to any ideal (or not) situation, we allow ourselves an opening, a space in which we can feel the immense presence of the moment.

Now, in order to maintain this deep surrender it’s just as important to have compassion toward yourself. (read here for more on Metta) This element as a process of surrendering has been crucial for the type of mind that wants to continue to entertain the idea of outcome/ideals/and/or fears.

Compassion allows forgiveness of oneself, for the voice. Furthermore, compassion is a way to send love to yourself, which has a way of dissipating the resistance. Compassion is a way of deeply understanding yourself and accepting what IS in this moment.

Mental anguish is self inflicted

~Mark Coleman

So in times of immense difficulty, try to surrender. You’ll know when you’re in deep surrender once you feel a weight has been lifted off your chest. You’ll realize the burden you had been carrying…alone, is not longer yours to carry.

And as you surrender have compassion. Forgiveness and love… these are some of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.


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