Creating For The Sake Of It

When was the last time you felt inspired to create something? Do you remember what inspired you? Was it a piece of art? An idea while out on a hike? Or perhaps you saw someone else’s creation and thought, hey, I can do that too!

Lately I have been deeply inspired to simply create. Not for any desired outcome but to simply tap into what I feel drawn to and give it a shot! And what has been even more inspiring is the sense of ease that comes along with detachment. It has been absolutely beautiful to laugh, experiment, and learn along the way!

My next new creative hobby will be jumping into the world of ceramics & pottery. I can’t wait to get my hands on clay and see what happens ?

Ok, so what if you haven’t felt inspired in a while? Or, how do you get out of your own way so that creating can become fun again? I’ve listed a few simple hacks that have never failed me and thought I would share them here.

  • Go on vacation
    • Yes, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes you need to take your mind OFF of the usual 5 repeated thoughts to leave space for new ones, and vacations can often help. When you’re in a new environment you become hyper aware and sensitive to what is going on NOW and that could mean trying new foods you’ve never had before, walking down a beautiful street, or meeting new people, all of which can help spark new ideas.
  • Do something new
    • This is similar to the first one but try something new! Whether it’s simply trying out the new Ethiopian restaurant that just opened up in your neighborhood, checking out bootcamp if you’re only used to Pilates, or attending a new meetup in a completely different genre, trying something new can switch up the senses and jolt the system.
  • Create or try a new recipe
    • I find cooking to be a way to meditate. Whether you’re avid cook or not, try a recipe that is a little more complicated or a cuisine you haven’t ventured into yet. Oftentimes this will get you exposed to new ingredients or methods of cooking and can serve as the mental break you need to feel refreshed again. Plus, it feels good to serve other people after you created something delicious!
  • Be unattached to the outcome 
    • This is probably the most important. Don’t worry about the outcome! Whether you find out cooking isn’t your thing, or watercolor isn’t what you thought it would be, that’s ok! The beauty is in the journey, the laughs along the way, the moments when you felt a rush of inspiration or new ideas, and even better? the people you meet along the way. When you become unattached to the outcome you open yourself up to other possibilities, and if you give yourself a bit of grace those new outcomes can blow your mind.

Hopefully this inspires you to other new ideas on how to get creative. I’ve been feeling even more creative since returning from New York and wanted to share my own bit of inspiration with you all.

Here’s to switching it up and new summer hobbies!


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