Favorites Lately – Essential Oils

Ahhh- oils. A few of my favorite things ?

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After a noon workout I decided to go to Whole Foods for lunch, and boy was it spectacular ? BBQ chicken thigh, California quinoa salad, and roasted veggies in olive oil. (As a side note I must have not had enough food… I was still hungry so I ended up eating the rest of my Quest bar as well!)

I still had about 20 minutes to kill before my next appointment and thought I would peruse the aisles of Whole Foods since I was already there. Maybe I would pick up another candle, but something was calling me toward the essential oils.

Once I got there I immediately noticed these beautifully packaged oils by Kate’s Magik. (also pictured below is an essential oil blend by Doterra)

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I ended up picking up two: Venus – A Love Oil and Break Bad Patterns & Addictions.

There were so many beautiful oils to choose from but I followed what my heart desired and decided on these two.

Essential oils have helped me in a variety of ways in the past. I’ve used them to:

  • help calm my nerves
  • ease tension and soreness in my neck and shoulders
  • morning & evening ritual for intention setting
  • be mindful

I remember the very first essential oil I bought for myself which was a mix of lavender and ylang ylang. I bought it during a time of transition and needed a way to relax, be mindful, and bring me to my center. It was heavenly.

Doterra was another oil I bought and the way it released all the tension in my shoulders was magical.

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What essential oils or blends have you used? How has it helped you in the moment or to work through a particular situation?

With that said.. here’s to sacred space, sacred moments, and how essential oils can help you along the way.


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