Finding Your Voice When Presented With Too Many Options

Are you ever presented with too many options? Where every choice seems like the right choice? Or maybe two choices seem like they can go in either direction and you’re actually OK with one or the other?

What’s a person to do?

The easiest way to make a decision comes down to one question: Are you doing x out of Fear or LOVE? What tugs at the depth of your heart just a little more?

It’s much too easy in these times to get caught up in a story, the past, the future, technology, other people, and the 100 million other things on your to do list. When I’ve put off making a choice because I’m in analysis mode (left brain), and not in feeling mode (right brain), this simple question always brings me back to center when it’s crunch time, Fear or Love?

For me, choosing LOVE makes it very clear in finding my truest voice. I drop into what’s real and what *was* the facade naturally fades away… pretty quickly too! Other questions that help bring clarity when it comes down to making an important decision?

⚘ Who am I overly considering in my choices?
⚘ What feels lighter and brighter?
⚘ What is serving Love?
⚘ How can I serve the most amount of people?

All that said, what truly matters is making the one, small step. It’s the only way you’ll get more data to make the next small step.

I’m curious, how do you find your voice amidst the storm and voices in your head?

In Love,

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