Friday Focus – 11/18/16

As we go into the weekend I though it would be a nice reminder to bring full circle a recurring theme or thought that has been coming up whether through inquiries or observation. After all, Fridays are a bit more relaxed and we tend to lose focus as we go into the weekend with social commitments and errands to run 🙂

This week’s focus is: What your thoughts focus on, EXPANDS.

We talked about Momentum last week and how when we keep the momentum of any thought going it becomes harder and harder to step back from the identification of the story and to stop the feeling(s) that is now contained within the body. It begins to feel real doesn’t it?

Every time you become aware of a certain thought be cognizant of what emotion this thought is bringing. Is it bringing you anxiety? stress? worry? fear? anger? resentment? Remember, these types of emotions are low on the vibrational scale and equally as important, remember the more you think these thoughts the harder it becomes to unravel yourself from the story.

Stories are insidious. At first you think you are simply trying to find a solution to a complex problem. But what can easily be thought of and set aside as solved becomes a rabbit hole of capillary thoughts. Soon, you are analyzing future scenarios, root causes, and even worst case scenarios!

So how can we stop the cycle? How can we begin to hop onto the higher vibrational thoughts? One word – mindfulness.

Be aware of the thought. How are you feeling? As Eckhart Tolle puts it, “be the awareness behind the thought”.

Another great practice is to mentally (or aloud) label the thought.

  • Is it a judgement? Say aloud, “I am aware of judgement”
  • Is it anxiety? Say aloud, “I am aware of anxiety”
  • Or how about resentment? Say aloud, “I am aware of resentment”

Remember, take a few deep conscious breaths and be with the body.

At this point, after you’ve recognized and acknowledged the thoughts, you’ve stabilized the thought and are ready to focus on a new thought. Remember, what you focus on EXPANDS.

If you’re at a loss of what to focus on try focusing on something you are truly grateful for in your life. It can be as simple as the cup of coffee you had in the morning, or the driver that you let you into the faster lane during rush hour. Or how about love? Whether it’s a pet, your loved one, a family member or friend… focus on the love that is there.

I tend to think this can often be the hardest part. Not because we don’t have anything to be grateful for or to love, but our human minds are so wired to be in fight or flight, or to look out for the next thing that will come to hunt us down. We are primal beings after all.

If this is you, don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, and ironically, THANK your mind for having these primal thoughts! Instead of resisting the thought thank your mind for being so vigilant and for trying so hard to protect you. Sometimes, we must start at zero which is true acceptance and we build from there.

So as we wrap up this week’s Friday Focus remember… What you focus on, EXPANDS! Let it be joyous and bring you a great and growing peace.

Love & Peace friends.

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