Friday Focus – 12/16/16

Can you feel Christmas in the air? And if you don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas… perhaps you feel the holiday cheer? Everyone seems to be more relaxed, cheery, and overall happy. I love these warm, fuzzy feelings and I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts 😉

Yesterday, I tried what seemed to be the best flourless peanut butter cookies, but alas… I ended up scratching my head in confusion wondering how 200 people gave this recipe a 5 stars. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to add an extra tablespoon of coconut oil… it seemed like a good idea at the time?

All that said, it seems only fitting that for this Friday Focus the theme is…

To enjoy the moment. Each and every moment.

If you need motivation to be more present than ever then this article is a MUST READ by Tim Urban. Here’s a sneak peek:

Instead of measuring your life in units of time, you can measure it in activities or events. To use myself as an example:

I’m 34, so let’s be super optimistic and say I’ll be hanging around drawing stick figures till I’m 90.1 If so, I have a little under 60 winters left:

-Tim Urban


If that doesn’t make you buck your head back in astonishment with your eyes slightly wider than usual I don’t know what will! When I first read this article early this year I was beyond horrified, grateful, panicked, happy, and fully present all at once. This simple imagery puts all that you need into perspective. And for that I am forever grateful – thank you Tim Urban!

With that said, enjoy the holidays! Be fully present for every cheezy carol, the holiday traffic at random hours, hot apple cider, truly being with family members through the laughter and yes, maybe even the bickering, and most importantly… enjoy YOU in every moment. Don’t forget to be fully present in your body and thankful for another winter to celebrate with family and friends.

Ok, time to go back to singing N’Sync’s acapella of O Holy Night ’til my throat hurts  🙂


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