Friday Focus – 5/12/17

This week I’ve been meditating on what it means to be in suffering.

How it is so easy for every thought, action (even non-action), and word to lead to suffering without awareness.

You see, when we are not mindful of the space behind our thoughts or actions, essentially we are making a choice in every moment that comes with judgement.

As an example, for the most part without even recognizing it, we are driven by a general need to make the right choice… this can look like:

“I can’t believe I said that?! What can I say next so I don’t sound so stupid?”

“Wow, I ate salad every day for lunch this week! I better keep this up!”

“I want to move to Seattle but I just met my significant other. How do I know which is right?”

Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like suffering! And sometimes it feels like small suffering while other times it feels like BIG suffering. The reality of it is that all problems lead to the same path – suffering.

(Relevant tangent: Even the idea of choices can lead to suffering when the need to make the right choice is very strong. Here, you can use ‘problems’ and ‘choices’ interchangeably.)

Ok, ok, this may sound doomsday but there is light in all of this. Promise!

Just remember, no matter how small or big the problem it’s still the same thing. And just as it is easy to say all problems lead to the same path, EQUALLY all problems require the same solution  Awareness.

Awareness that:

  • all problems & choices are created illusions
  • you are ok in THIS moment
  • yearning and grasping is the tension of the suffering
  • by digging deep it comes down to fear
  • there is really only love…

Ah- can you feel the lightness with this realization?

If your head is spinning and your eyes are pointed to the sky in deep thought rest easy. Sure it will take work. Sure it will take time for integration to happen. And the beauty is that THIS is the practice. ?

Here’s to a growing awareness and beautiful weekend.


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