Friday Focus – 6/16/17 {A Growing Why: Time}

It all started with cookies.

Earlier this week I had baked some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for the neighbors as a thank you for watching the house while I was out of town. As I sat in their dining room we started to reminisce the days when we first met in 2005. Could it really have been that long ago? But it seems like yesterday?!

What started the whole “time” conversation was when I saw their youngest daughter studying in the living room. I could barely recognize this sweet girl! The girl that used to ride her tricycle all around the neighborhood making friends with every kid on the block. This girl was now about to enter into her senior year of HIGH SCHOOL.

As we started to count the years of our friendship we quite possibly could have heard a pin drop as we sat in silence at the realization that TWELVE YEARS has passed – already.

12 years…. doce anos.

Moments like this always make me realize how precious time is. How precious each moment is.

Time has become a growing Why for me over the past year and this particular encounter nailed it home for me.

Some of the questions I frequently ask myself include:

  • How am I living each day?
  • Will I remember this 20 years from now? (especially asked during moments of stress)
  • Where can I deploy more gratitude?
  • Are the things I’m doing today aligned with my Why(s)?

I find it peculiar how as humans we are constantly in a rush to be somewhere or do something, yet we hardly ever stop to ask why? If all of who we are is an accumulation of the years leading up to it, wouldn’t we want to routinely check in and ensure our “Why(s)” is still a guiding light?

So I’m curious, what’s your driving Why(s) and why? What inspires you to be the best version of yourself? ?

With much love,


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