Friday Focus – 6/30/17 {Intuitive Journeying}

Lately, I’ve been feeling into what feels right in the day to day. I have my focus and my peripheral vision wide open so that I can receive all that is available to me in this moment, intuitively feeling into this journey we call life.

And what does it mean to intuitively journey? It means you are feeling into what you, let me repeat, what YOU, the deeper you wants to experience along this journey. Sometimes it may be the grind, other times it may mean to spend more time with family and friends, and sometimes it means exploring parts of you that wants to experience something.

I have felt the creative part of me want to expand and explore like never before. As I dive deep into it (writing included), I am creating space for this experience along the journey we call life. Rather than listening to the shoulds, buts, or ifs, I am intentionally creating a deeper awareness for what wants to –be– and –experience-.

Lately, this has shown up as writing and physically doing things with my hands such as taking up ceramics. (Yes, ceramics and I am SO excited to get my hands on clay!)

There are a few other projects brewing but I am keeping it sacred for now.

With that said, what does intuitive journeying mean for you? Where in your life can you expand and grow? What do you need more of in your life to feel, not good, but GREAT?

All good things to consider during this long holiday weekend ?

Be safe and namaste.


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