Friday Focus – 7/21/17 {How Big Are You Dreaming?}

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

~Albert Einstein

This week’s focus is about DREAMING. To focus on what your dreams look like, to begin to feel into it, and to be in gratitude of this life we get to live.

How big are you dreaming? Are you letting yourself play? Allowing room for fantasy, dreaming, and letting your imagination go wild?

Go ahead, feed your soul. For just 5 minutes today give yourself room to imagine. I find it happens best when I am writing it out on paper and then creating mental pictures in my mind. Nothing is too little to be noted!

Allow yourself to be the star in your movie. Feel your way until you smile so big you can’t seem to erase it. And just as easily as you created those feelings in 5 minutes, know that these feelings are yours even in this moment without the attainment of _______.

Remember: YOU are the creative being of your life experience. Create what your heart desires my friend.


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