Friday Focus – 8/11/17 {Last Days Of Summer}

This morning I sipped my morning coffee outside on the lawn and did a few sun salutations and heart openers. I felt the cool breeze move through my untied hair and really savored the moment.

Lately the days here in Seattle have been filtered with a never ending haze strewn across the sky, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying every last bit of what Summer has to offer us.

It wasn’t until after a bit of yoga this morning I walked over to the apple trees in our backyard when I noticed that in about another month the apples would be ready for harvest. “Wow, already?” I thought… and of course, “How beautiful are these apples…”.

As I felt the wave of emotions rush over, in that moment, I understood these were the last few days of Summer. Time to enjoy every last bit of it. The getaways, the hikes, backyard bbqs, picnics in the park, patio brunches with friends… all of it. Time to savor it all.

How are you spending these last few days of Summer? Are you taking the time to unwind? To enjoy and let loose? In what ways can you relax (in your unique way) to prepare for the “harvest”?

All good questions to ask ourselves.

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