Friday Focus – 8/18/17 {Grief}

“Grief is tremendous, but LOVE is bigger. You are grieving because you Loved truly. The beauty in that is greater than the bitterness of death. Allowing this into your Consciousness will not keep you from your suffering, but it will help you survive the next day.”

~Cheryl Strayed

This quote struck a chord especially with so much grief being experienced not only in our country but oftentimes we forget other countries as well.

What I keep coming back to is how can we control our own sphere of consciousness so that we can make an even bigger difference in the world? How can we strive to act, speak, and BE from Love, our inner source, so that we can be the change we want to see in the world?

We’re human. It’s much too easy to get caught up in our heads instead of our hearts. That’s the practice. That’s where the years of work come into play. There’s where spiritual work is.

May we find Love underneath our grief, suffering, and/or frustrations.

May we always turn to Love because Love is the most strongest and biggest force of them all.


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