Friday Focus – 8/4/17 {The Community Of SISTERHOOD}

Anyone else melting in this Seattle heat? I couldn’t believe we reached 97 yesterday but I’m not complaining. That’s when you call your sister up and eat acai bowls to cool off!

Speaking of sister, today I wanted to focus on something very special to me. I wanted to honor all powerful women, especially the powerful women in my life. Who would we be without community?

No really think about it…

Above many things I love and prioritize connection and community. To be able to be in deep communion, to learn from others’ wisdom, and equally important… to give back and share your own wisdom in the same respect.

Even more I am grateful for the Sisterhood, the feeling of **coming home**, whenever and wherever we gather in the world.

It has been amazing to watch the growth and wisdom explode over these past few years of the many sisters in my life, and I am honored to hold witness to this experience as well as share my own journey to an incredible line up of women.

And for this special bond I am forever grateful.

I encourage you today to write a letter of gratitude for the women (or your own special community) in YOUR life. Cherish those bonds. Tell them how much they have helped you in your growth and how you plan to be there for them. Strengthen these ties as they will strengthen you back with the amount of energy you tend to it.

So here’s to even more belly laughs, rolling tears, sunsets and sunrises, and all the gluten free desserts with all the special people in my life. Today I celebrate YOU.

In wellness,



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