Getting Clear on What You Want

Do you often find yourself wanting it all? Wanting both sides of where the grass appears greener and jumping fences to get it? If so, perhaps you’ll find that one, or more, of these examples rings true for you:

  • You want to move across country for a better job, yet you also want to explore the other half of the hemisphere for deeper connection and cultural experiences
  • You want a super cool, prestigious title at work and more importantly to be acknowledged by your peers, yet you also want a flexible “four hour work week
  • You want to lose the last few pounds, yet you also love anything sugary or halfway resembles a cupcake
  • You want to achieve a PR (personal record) on all your weightlifting goals, yet you also want to lean out and not look so bulky

If you found any of these to ring a bell the good news is – IT’S OK, WE’RE HUMAN.

And the bad news? I mean… what torture! I wonder why we do this to ourselves, and then I remember we are human beings after all  🙂   The journey is the point of this existence, yes?

But first thing first, we have to recognize one fundamental truth, that we are not and do not lack of anything. Who you are and where you are is perfect in this moment and time.

Secondly, we often find ourselves wanting two opposing goals. Ironic isn’t it? Why is it that our monkey brains tries so hard to want the things that take away from the other?

What I’ve come to learn over the years is… there’s a hidden truth behind each want and desire. Yes, behind even the craziest desire or goal you have for yourself there is a deeper layer of consciousness that wants to be acknowledged!

And most of the time it is as simple as your deeper self saying, “Hey, I just want to be happy! I just want to feel loved! I just want to connect with people on a deep level! I just want to be seen! And did I mention I just want to be happy?”

While I don’t have all the answers, often times when we truly sit in silence… we get to a place where we peel back every layer there is and find that what we ultimately want is to be happy, contented. And don’t we have that choice in THIS moment?

So as we come close to the new year let us set aside quiet time to truly get clear. To get clear on what is it we really want deep down in our hearts and souls, and to remember we have the choice to be happy in every present moment.

Love & Peace friends.

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