Getting Creative With Ceramics

I’ve been writing a lot about creativity and allowing your deeper self to play, have fun, and explore. If you haven’t checked out the 5 days of POWERFUL QUESTIONS do it now! It is all about finding your own creativity and how to show up in this world in our own authentic way.

If you’ve been following along you know one of my biggest and playful outlets has been working with CLAY! Learning from others, making new friends, and most importantly LETTING GO of all expectations has been the **best** part of this Summer’s creative experiment.

I remember the first day I entered the studio I had such a hard time creating pieces. The ideas weren’t flowing. Then, the moment I started creating for others it’s as if my hands couldn’t move faster than the ideas.

(Friends, you know what you’re getting for Christmas right?)

Something else I learned while being in the studio? Detachment. Letting go. Surrendering. Clay is funny, some days you get it right, and other days it decides to break or deform overnight. Allowing what is to just be (yes, even the pieces you lovingly worked on), and enjoying the process is what makes the 3 hours a day not only feel magical but go by **real** fast.

I can’t believe there’s only a few precious weeks left of studio time… and I still have another 25+ pound bag of clay! I am looking forward to deeper play, honoring my creativity, and allowing the magical alchemy of surrender influence the next few pieces. Time to get to WORK!

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