Hearing The Silence In Bali

It was hot. Hotter than hot. As we stepped out of the airport I was suddenly aware that we were enveloped by a warm blanket of humidity. (If humidity took form I would have been able to slice through it with my arms.) Helloooooo Bali!

As we traveled to our temporary abode, what I immediately noticed about Bali was it’s serene presence and reverence for spirituality.

It was in the many quiet moments, whether by the beach, in the jungle, among the lily pads, or rice fields, where I was able to hear silence. You know, non-existent chatter.

Here are a few moments where I experienced serene moments of peace…


I love how travel can bring this “silence” to you almost immediately.

So when I’m not traveling I aim to experience something new at least once a week. Whether it’s a new route to meet a friend, a new mode of transportation, a new cafe, a new form of activity… I find that it is a refreshing way to keep you engaged with the present moment. No distractions  😉

What are some ways in which you experience something new? How often do you do it and have you noticed anything different since incorporating this?

Here’s to many more moments of peace throughout the day and week.


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