Heart So Full It Can Burst

I had one of those ‘heart so full it can burst’ kinda mornings… the kind of mornings when you are in awe at how the Universe works. The kind of mornings when you connect so deeply with another human being you realize THIS is what life is all about. The kind of morning when you call and text all your closest peoples just to tell them you love them.

I’m inside of this vortex called love so big it’s swirling all around me and everything is so still and clear. There’s an aura of peace and you can’t help but acknowledge it. You can’t help but want to share THIS.

Because life is meant to be shared. The more we share these kind of moments the more it speaks to the part of all of us that craves this and sparks something new, hopeful, and energizing within us.

So here’s to more mornings like this. Here’s to creating your own vortex… the ‘heart so full it can burst’ kind 😉


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