How I Recovered from Adrenal Fatigue Pt. 3

In the last post on Adrenal Fatigue I shared some of the tools and tactics that helped me to overcome adrenal fatigue.

If I look back now it was almost a two year journey to heal all the wounds that likely led to having adrenal fatigue in the first place.

Yesterday’s post inspired me to write the third installment on how I overcame adrenal fatigue. Why? Because the theme in yesterday’s post was the exact epiphany I needed during my journey for complete healing.

In the beginning stages of adrenal fatigue I was a mess. Yet I had hope. And it was this hope along with my driven type A personality that created a complete plan toward the road to health and wellness.


While this is exactly what I did, and while I can’t completely discount all the effort and tools and tactics from part 2, it actually wasn’t until I gave up complete hope that I was able to be in full surrender and therefore able to make progress in leaps and bounds.

Ironic isn’t it?

There was nothing wrong with the plan, the tools…yet there was everything wrong about the feelings behind it. The anger, frustration, pain, and fear…

Simply put, once I was able to let go of those core emotions that were driving me, pretty much crazy, I was able to finally be at peace. I was able to start living my life. I was able to prioritize the things that truly needed prioritization such as loving kindness toward myself which was sorely lacking.

Suddenly I had a lightness about myself. I was living fearlessly without any attachment of the outcome because I had no choice. I had hit rock bottom and there was truly no way out but up. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to take this suffering away from me until I had not an inkling of yearning within me. And it was at this point I was able to let go of any expectation around timing of the supposed outcome and what “complete health” looked like that I was able to purely focus on what was in front of me in that moment.

I started to live my life instead of living for the future.

This may sound hard… or even weird. Like.. what? Just let go when you’re life isn’t something you recognize and your hormones are so fried you don’t even feel like yourself?

But why not give it a shot?

Why not in complete, earnest surrender let it all go to the divine so that YOU can be at peace?

Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. If it helps to think of it as an experiment give yourself two full weeks to let all the “planning” go and live your life as if the future is in the hands of God. BELIEVE you will be ok. Go out into the world with a lightness so light yet so deep due to your belief that people are in awe of your newfound, deep sense of self.

It is with deep sincerity that in sharing what worked for me it can shed some light and peace for others who may be going through the same thing. Having adrenal fatigue is not an easy thing but I know one thing for sure – you are a warrior and always have been.


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