How To Hear Your Inner Voice

“I’ve developed more awareness of myself… I can hear the deeper part of me speaking what’s really true. I hear the truth if I listen closely.”

“That’s wonderful. Where do you feel it coming from?”

“Mostly here.” (Hands motioning pointed toward chest and stomach) “Yea… here.”


“Sometimes I’ll write letters to God. I learned this through Marianne Williamson who teaches on the Course. And when I write letters to God it can be about anything and everything. Then, when I am done, I’ll write a letter back to myself as God. It’s amazing the level of knowledge, wisdom, and truth that is already within… the answers are truly within us if we can just hear it. If we can just wait long enough not to catch the next train of thought. If we can sit silent long enough to hear the silence… the depth of what is truly within us. It’s amazing. I should do that tonight actually.”

(another pause)

“It’s crazy how we talk to ourselves so much during the day. To make decisions, to strategize, or to worry about a problem. Writing these letters have helped me to hear the voice of God. The voice of truth. The voice that is already within. It’s truly amazing.”

“And how does that voice sound to you?” (eyes sparkling)

“Huh, wow…. I never thought of that but that is a really good question.”

(long pause)

“I can’t describe it. But it has depth. It’s deep in the metaphysical way. And even though I can’t describe it, I know what the voice “sounds” like even more now that you’ve asked the question. Thank you.”

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