How to Start a Meditation Practice

In an earlier post talking about Momentum we talked about keeping the flow of positivity alive; to catch your seedling thought of worry, anxiety, past, or future when it begins rather than continue to feed it.

Well, I thought I’d share a bit on how I like to meditate in the mornings. This varies by situations but for the most part the framework in which I set up the daily morning meditation is outlined below. I hope this helps to either start or solidify your own meditation practice. 🙂

I tend to meditate in sections. I know sounds weird but it works for me and if you have an analytical, type A personality perhaps this will work for you too. Here’s how…

First, begin by thinking about what your goals are. By goals I mean, what self improvement goals do you have? Is it to simply meditate? Perhaps it’s working on affirmations? Cultivate gratitude? Or maybe trying to start a breathing practice such as the Wim Hof method? It also helps if your goals are related to growing new neural pathways.

Once you have identified your goals, write them down. If you have more than 5, prioritize your top 5. As an example let’s take the below as a template:

  1. Practice grounding my thoughts and body through breath work
  2. Cultivate gratitude in my life
  3. Visualize and feel positive thoughts and emotions
  4. Clear negative space
  5. Begin a moving meditation through sun salutations

Make sure you write this down because this is now your meditation template. Provide 1-2 minutes for each “section” and you’ll find it is easier to focus your thoughts on the activity at hand.

Of course, if you’re more laid back and not as structured what might serve useful instead is a self guided meditation. Personally, I love Tara Brach’s meditations and weekly teachings.

And last but not least, don’t forget to practice self love as you sit through your meditation practice! If your thoughts wander when you should be cultivating gratitude, that is OK. Become aware that your thoughts have wandered but never judge yourself for it. Instead, give yourself a loving hug and continue on.

Love & Peace friends.

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