How You React Reflects Your Core Beliefs

Have you ever said one thing but noticed your actions never followed through? Or maybe your body didn’t feel as relaxed or calm as your voice did?

One easy way to know whether your words match your core beliefs is to notice your reactions.

How you REACT is a deep reflection of your CORE BELIEFS.

“She doesn’t bother me anymore” – Yet you feel tense and angry inside

“My fear of big dogs is completely gone” – Yet your body tenses up just a bit every time you see a big dog

“I can’t wait to see you next week!” – Yet your stomach drops and you don’t feel elation like you would a really good friend

“I’m really exited about this new job” – Yet, you don’t feel good deep inside your heart

These are only a few examples but it’s enough to get the gist of the pull quote above. How are you reacting and does your body language and emotions align?

Take a moment to think about one thing you want to happen in your life. Whether that’s to date more people, find that new job, finally get over someone, start a new diet, whatever it is, take a moment to name one thing you are so sure that you want and have wanted for a really long time now.

You have it? Ok, write it down as an affirmation. An example would be, “I have a soul charged career and work with people I love to see every day.”

Once you’ve written your affirmation down, say it out loud. Declare it.

How did that feel in your body? What emotions came up for you? Is there a feeling of doubt? Did you cringe? Did you feel a bit defeated? Or did you feel a smile on your face? Elation? Belief? Trust?

If you felt more of the first category of emotions don’t fret. The point here is not to be disappointed about this, it’s to get excited about it! Yes, excited! Why? Because now you have a clue as to why your deeper, subconscious self doesn’t believe the statement you read aloud.

Take some time to do some pattern recognition work. Look back at the times in your life where you tried to make this change, but ultimately change never happened. In what ways did you sabotage yourself? What are some core limiting beliefs you had in the past that prevented you from following through on the change?

The best way to do this reflection is automatic writing or free flow writing. Get out a note pad, journal and a pen and start writing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to write yet, just begin writing! Repeat the same word over and over again until something flows.

Another way to do this is to write a letter to God, The Universe, or Your Higher Self and then write a response back as if God, The Universe, or Your Higher Self were writing you back. You would be surprised at how easily the answer comes.

You see, the answer is always within us. It doesn’t matter what modality you use, just find the one that works for you.

Throughout these processes you will begin to realize a few core limiting beliefs have been holding you back. Typically these core limiting beliefs sound something like:

  • There’s no such thing as a career I love for me out there
  • I don’t think big dogs can truly be nice or I must attract the scary big dogs
  • I can’t seem to handle anxious emotions very well

Whatever your core limiting belief is you will notice it right away once it begins to come to light, and THIS is what needs to be worked on before change can happen.

Typically, if you are truly ready to break the limiting belief, once you’ve identified what those are for you, you might notice your mind already working and shifting toward positive change. If not, don’t worry, now that you know what your core limiting beliefs are you can work with a trusted friend to create accountability, do some research, listen to podcasts, or reach out to resources such as a therapist or life coach.

This should be exciting and I hope you begin to feel the work of change growing inside you. Once you’re truly ready for change you’ll begin noticing open doors and little hints here and there… follow them.

In wellness,


Photo by Andressa Voltolini on Unsplash

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