It Just Is.

(deep breath in, deep breath out)

The morning is turning bright, there’s a whirring with each passing car, and for a brief few seconds there is silence in the mind.

The eyes are now open and slowly scans the room. Each object is coming alive. It is seen as it’s own entity. Most importantly, it just is.

Going deeper into the meditation each object is now seen as it were from a 3rd point of view. From a stranger’s point of view seeing this room for the first time. These objects no longer hold the same, close memories to the heart, but just memories as they were. It just is.

The room continues to be scanned and every picture, card, book, candle, lotion, clock, is seen as it just is. There are aspects of the human personality in each one. A spectrum of emotions come up as the mind observes the time of acquisition for each object. And again, it just is.

There is peace. There is peace in knowing it just is. There is peace in knowing none of these or all of these don’t make the identity, state of being, or who I “think” I am.

It just is.

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