Keeping It Sacred

This has long been on my mind and something I have been earnestly practicing this year.

What do I mean by keeping it Sacred?

Well, have you ever shared something to another person (whether close to you or not) in pure excitement only to feel weird about it? Perhaps this person gave you a quizzical look or questioned you one too many times about the why, how, or what leaving you a little deflated and regretful?

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing! Sharing is absolutely necessary for connection and fostering alignment and a deeper understanding between one human to another.

What I have found though, is that often times we share something without being ready for other people’s input or reaction and it could ruin your personal experience or if you’re a highly sensitive soul, it could impact your relationship to what you just shared.

Let’s put this into context. Let’ say you decided to go to Rishikesh, India for a month long spiritual retreat involving yoga, Ayurveda, chakra clearing, you name it. Afterward, you come back home a changed person. There was a lot of experiencing and transformation happening after all! 🙂  Now it would be easy to share any or all of what happened the next time you see someone familiar who asks, “what’s up?”, but have you fully completed the “experience”? Are you still enjoying the “process”? Are you out of the “malleable” state?

This situation does not need to involve a trip around the world. Perhaps you want to start a new nutrition lifestyle program, a new hobby, or try to switch careers. What matters is, how close is this to your heart?

A few questions that have helped me in determining readiness for sharing include the following questions:

  1. What are you sharing
    • Do you need to share all of it?
    • Do you need to get into the specific details?
  2. Why are you sharing it
    • Are you looking for validation?
    • Or do you realize all you want is pure connection?
  3. Are you ready to share it
    • How resolute are you in your experience/decision?
    • Have you fully enjoyed the experience/process, and are you ready to now share it?

What I have found is that when you go through this process you are fully in your own personal power. And what a beautiful feeling!

Nowadays I’m not in such a rush to share every single detail. There’s something about this year where I am taking my time with everything… and not only has it been a beautiful process but I am enjoying it as well 🙂


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