Each day we have the opportunity to start anew.

The moment you wake up to take your first – full – deep – breath just remember your slate is clean. Your mind is a vast, expansive, open canvas. This canvas is bright, immaculate, and has no edges.

Begin your prayer. Meditate. Be full of gratitude for another waking day. Honor yourself to the highest. Understand your mind and body are a temple where only the highest of thoughts should live.

Abraham Hicks speaks of momentum. The moment you have a lower vibrational thought, and the moment you keep feeding this thought is the beginning of momentum. Once this begins it gets harder and harder to get back to higher frequency.

And vice versa! Upon waking linger on the clean slate. Linger on the GRATITUDE. Linger on feeling the positive emotions and thoughts. Keep this momentum going.

So, I’m curious… what are some positive thoughts and/or emotions you focus on to keep the momentum going? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. shesnotlikeus

    I think, for myself, I catch myself rushing to get up in the morning. Almost jumping out of bed to begin the day. Waking up my husband, my daughter (if she isn’t already awake), and get on with the day.

    I’m on Mat leave right now so I really should embrace the morning stillness every day.

    But on weekends, it’s different. It’s so relaxed. My husband and I lay in bed, when our daughter wakes up she comes in and lays and plays with us for a half hour or so.

    I find myself in this time so thankful and grateful for my life and my family. My husband is such a wonderful father it melts my heart. As I watch them I think to myself how lucky I am.

    I need to start taking a minute or five every morning to just lay in bed and remember. Even if the day before was not that great, today is a new day. And how awesome is that; that we get to start over again.

    Everyday is a gift. Thank you for reminding me of that.

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