A little bit more

So what’s up with all these beautiful faces you ask? Well, while my “about me” is a short snippet as to when and how I started to feel a part of this greater Universe, I thought I’d begin to share a little bit more about myself.

For starters.. I’ve always felt a creative energy within me, which is why I took two years off from corporate to start my own photography business. While I had the fortunate opportunity to fly to amazing places such as Bali and all over the country to document a couple’s beautiful wedding day, what I love the most is capturing the moment when you connect with another soul. Typically that came through portraits for me… hence these beautiful souls.

What else?

  • I work as a tech consultant on the west coast
  • Almond milk lattes are genius concoctions that make my heart skip a beat
  • Peet’s has the best almond milk lattes and trust me, I’ve tried $10 lattes from the hippest of places and I still go back to Peet’s
  • Soy matcha lattes from Turret Coffee┬ámight just rival an almond milk latte (BONUS: they even add a spoonful of sweetened adzuki beans!)
  • Feeling a warm summer breeze makes me feel at home
  • I’m Korean American
  • If I had to relate to any “lifestyle” of eating I love the Primal lifestyle Mark Sisson promotes and eat gluten free. It has changed my life!
  • Farmers market every single Sunday
  • While I was a heavy crossfitter in the past I now know to mix it up with pilates, YOGA, spin, and being out in nature. All thanks to a back injury
  • Adrenal fatigue is a REAL THING. And trust me… it sucks. It hit in 2015 and took over a year to fully recover. I have to say, I learned so much in the process and hope to share piece by piece of the entire journey that was 2015
  • 95% of my mornings start off with meditation. Where is the other 5%? When life happens, which ironically is when you need meditation the most ­čśë

There’s so much more… and ┬ábecause as human beings we are such complex beings it’s just impossible to try and sum it up in a single blog post! I also recognize we are constantly growing, stretching and learning which makes this journey so beautiful and fun.

That said, I hope to share a bit more in each blog post through every a-ha and beautiful life moment.

Love and Peace.

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