My Top 10 Reasons for Moving the Body

It’s crazy how much we sit all day isn’t it? I don’t know about you but there are times when I get home and notice the pedometer on my device reads something below 700 steps and I literally gasp aloud and then I say something along the lines of, “WOW… I swear I was busy today…”

I’ve always known I do better when I move. Aside from the fact we are primal beings and are meant to move our bodies there’s something to be said about moving the stagnant energy within our bodies too.

I love that there’s practically NO downside of getting outside and moving your body. It goes to show how important it actually is.

Here are my current top 10 reasons for why we should move our body today:

    1. It moves ENERGY.

      • While our minds do all the thinking and decision making our bodies are the one that has to carry all this energy around. What kind of energy you might ask? The kind of energy that will remain in the body and leave you feeling lethargic, worried, anxious, and fearful. Our bodies are amazing at intuitively signaling to our brains when something is wrong or right. While in more complex cases, such as anger, just moving the body won’t completely heal yourself from the stagnant energy, but it WILL allow you to rid yourself of enough energy so that you can now create space for equally if not more important work – forgiveness.
    2. It creates space.

      • Moving the body allows for more space in the mind. It allows the stillness to expand so that you can see more clearly than you did before the activity. Just the other day I was doing a crossfit workout and thought I wasn’t stressed but it wasn’t until the second round of an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) that I suddenly felt a weight being lifted and real peace came to the mind. For that alone moving the body is worth it  🙂
    3. It’s a form of meditation.

      • I don’t know about you but when I am in a yoga pose, spinning, or doing an overhead squat I am intensely focused on the muscles I am contracting in order to do a specific movement. When I focus on those muscles whether it’s the abs, hamstrings, or glutes, I am also practicing Metta (of sorts). I am allowing the positive flow of thoughts and energy to occur by thanking the body for being able to do what it can today. For carrying me this far, and this practice has been extremely beneficial.
    4. It creates routine.

      • Once you’re in the rhythm of things you realize what’s been missing in your life. At least that’s how I feel about moving the body and fitness in general  😉  You realize that packing the gym bag and an extra snack becomes automatic. Those happy hours that go late into the night aren’t as enticing as they once were. Hitting snooze doesn’t seem as hard anymore. These are all subtle changes that will happen once you start to move your body more often. It becomes so natural to your nature that you will find yourself in deep desire to create a routine to move your body.
    5. It makes you healthier.

      • Over time I’ve become so used to eating “healthy” that it seems like the obvious choice if not the ONLY choice I have  😉  Wanting fresh or roasted greens, grass-fed meat, and a healthy dose of avocado (what am I saying, there’s never too much avocado!) actually makes me salivate! Moving your body often will do that to you. You’ll start to notice your body feels better, lighter, and stronger when it is being fed nutritious meals. Every cell in your fiber of being will thank you.
    6. It builds muscle.

      • Who doesn’t want some muscle?! With muscle comes SO many benefits. Muscle not only means you are strengthening the bones in your body but by making healthier choices you are likely protecting the soft/connective tissue that surround your joints as well. You are investing in your future self to say the least. And hey, muscle helps burn more calories so no one can knock that one!
    7. It releases endorphins!

      • Need I say more? Give it a shot. Even if you move your body for 7 minutes (yes 7 minutes) you’ll feel a rush of endorphins in your system. Undoubtedly you will feel a bit lighter, happier, and hopefully nothing will ever seem as big as you thought it was.
    8. It’s a reason to cultivate PLAY.

      • As adults, we often forget what it means to set aside time just to PLAY. To allow ourselves to connect with whatever it is we are doing in the moment and to feel intense joy. For the longest time I didn’t see moving the body as moving the body. I saw this as, “it’s time to exercise”, and this was always tied to a feeling of “I must do this”. When I switched my thinking around exercise to a more holistic thinking of moving the body and play, I quickly realized how much of a healthier attitude this was (and much more sustainable might I add!).
    9. It’s building your community.

      • Sometimes when we’re holed up at an office, whether this is corporate, your home office, or even the neighborhood cafe, you realize you haven’t had one non-business, meaningful conversation and it’s almost 3pm. Moving your body in collaborative space that support your well being is one of the best places to create community. A place where like minded individuals gather – can’t get much better than that! And to the earlier point of creating routine, often times you need to regularly visit X establishment in order for people to remember you and start investing in creating a long term friendship. I’ve met some of my closest friends from places such as the yoga studio, crossfit gym, or even classpass!
    10. You’re doing something for YOU.

      • Last but not least, and this is probably my favorite… you are doing something SOLELY FOR YOU. A mentor once said to me, “no one will ever look out for your best interest but YOU.” This has stuck with me ever since he spoke those words. It’s true. No one will ever look out for you the way only you can. No one will ever know your weakest tendencies and will call you out on days when you’ve not step foot out of the house. So.. if no one can do this for you why not do it for yourself? You know, the one person who you will be friends with ’til the end?

So there you have it folks. These are some of my top reasons for moving the body and why it makes me feel so good. If you’ve been in a rut for a while, whether it’s due to work, family, or personal health reasons, just remember… everything takes time. Don’t be so hard on yourself but instead, give yourself a pat on the back and some major kudos for doing something for YOU and for creating positive change in your own life.

Love & Peace friends.

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