New York

Oh New York, how do I describe you?

I just returned from an intensive diving deep into the world of change work, NLP, unconscious mind training, neuroscience, embodied cognition, and so much more. Having experienced this work firsthand, months prior, undoubtedly allowed me to take these new findings to a whole other level. A level to where I have seen its effectiveness and how my current practice and frameworks are not only compatible, but strengthened with this new information.

Despite having around 3 hours of sleep a night (I blame it on the broken service door on our floor at the hotel. Every time room service needed to access the room, the door would slam shut and rattle all the other doors on our floor! But I digress…?) my energy levels have never been higher! The pure energy one feels when you know you are making an incredible difference in peoples lives is exhilarating.

Thank you to all my teachers, students, colleagues, friends, and to every single person (stranger or not) I met in New York – THANK YOU! Your kindness is mindblowingly heart warming and I can’t wait to be back.

With much love,




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