Patterns That Rule Your Life

Happy Monday beautiful people!

Today I woke up inspired to share an absolute TRUTH of mine in hopes of sparking inspiration and positive change in your life starting today.

Did you know our entire lives are made up by patterns?


Patterned Behavior. Patterned Speech. Patterned Thoughts.

If you observe carefully you will notice that without fail one of these influences the other which influences the other until it reaches full circle and there you have the predictive results of our lives.

Why is it then that we always aim to change the outcome yet fail to get the desired results?

It’s simple. We have yet to change our neural pathway for the new pattern to exist.

Thankfully, you don’t have to willpower your way through this. Whether it’s losing weight, becoming a happier person, stressing less, etc. you don’t have to grit your teeth through the process.

If you desire the change at your CORE you are already half way there. Through NLP (neuro linguistic programming), focused awareness techniques, and self hypnosis work you, yes YOU, can make a positive change and begin living your BEST LIFE.

I firmly believe we are all capable of making the change we desire. This is a crucial first step toward success.

The bigger question is, do you? If there is even a hint of yes in you then you are more than capable of making the change you desire in your life.

Have faith, do the work, be mindful of where your thoughts take you, and equally as important, hand select and surround yourself with your very own network of guides, teachers, and angels.

In wellness,


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