So often we forget how powerful our human brains are. In every moment it is working to analyze, compare, weigh every option, our next move, all while thinking 5 steps ahead figuring out what our next meal should be!

In every single moment it is thinking – SOMETHING.

How often is it that we choose to fill our brains with complex scenarios related to work, relationship, health, or the future?

Instead, how wonderful would it be to recognize and empower ourselves toward having a CHOICE in what we chose to think? To fill our brains with?

Yes… there is choice in every moment.

Our brains are powerful. It is a gift. But so often we give this power away to lower level thinking and believing we don’t have a choice. How we choose to REACT and what we CHOOSE to fill our brains is key to living a heart centered life… and recognizing this is POWER.

The moment you realize your thoughts are not serving your higher self, release them to God, the Universe, and choose love.

This is a lesson that will come up again and again… and when it does, treat yourself, your mind, with deep kindness. Imagine enveloping yourself in a big, warm hug and whispering, “all will be well…”. I am reminded often how powerful our minds can be…

May we go throughout the day knowing the Universe is a part of us and guiding us throughout our journey. May we lift up our low vibrational thoughts so that we may create the space for love, joy, and deep peace.

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