Powerful Questions Pt. 2

Day 2 is here! In an effort to create space for powerful questions I wanted to continue exploring prompts around creation and how we can show up in the world in a more authentic way. Are you ready?

? In what ways do I diminish my light?
? Is it around certain people or activities?
? How can I show up in this world and be even more of my authentic self?
? Why is this important for me?
? What am I afraid of?

Notice whether anything new came up for you or whether there is a specific pattern that keeps coming up. Whether you believe in the stars, the moon, or your vitamix these are all powerful questions you can use to check in with yourself from time to time ???

And remember, no judgement… only awareness is needed to make positive change. Judgement only keep you stuck in the place you want to move away from.

In other news a dear friend of mine had gotten some tickets to Bruno Mars last minute and invited me to go along for the ride, and boy was I excited! Speaking of light, Bruno thank you for your magic, your voice, and for sharing a part of your light. Still can’t believe that was all live.. ???

Excited to share Day 3 in our series of Powerful Questions relating to your creative side and how you show up in this beautiful world.

In wellness,

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