Powerful Questions Pt. 3

It’s day 3 of Powerful Questions, has anything come up for you?

Regardless of whether or not big, hard answers have been revealed, don’t fret.. trust me, your mind is now primed and thinking of creative solutions for YOU.

I absolutely love today’s set of questions because it’s all around RISKS. So scary but oh so good for your soul! Here we go:

? Where in my life can I take more risks?
? What is one thing I have always wanted to do or try but never did?
? How can I let loose, just a little, so that I can fully be present for the moment instead of thinking of a future moment?

I’ve always found that the one thing you might be nervous about trying or doing ALWAYS comes back to remind you. Take some time to honor the nudge and discover what it can reveal for you.

In other news Seattle is going through a MAJOR dry streak and I am melting! Usually I can handle all sorts of heat and humidity but this heat has me thinking of all sorts of ice cold beverages and delicious desserts. So of course I made myself a chocolate horchata milkshake! A little too good to be dangerous 😉

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