Powerful Questions Pt. 4

Oftentimes I feel scared. Really scared. And then I realize feeling scared means that I’m taking risks. And risks are so much better than the alternative – staying small, wouldn’t you agree?

With that said Day 4 of POWERFUL QUESTIONS are all around Fear. If I said Risks (Day 3) were one of my favorite topics then Fear has got to be a good second. So here we go:

? What fears are controlling you today?
? Are they the same fears from the past or are they new?
? How do these fears hold you back?

So much of the juiciest parts of our lives happen when we take action to overcome our fears, but first we need to identify what they are. With mindfulness, NLP, and other techniques, you can break through the fear to live the life you’ve been only thinking about! How amazing is that? Oftentimes what controls us are only the pictures and projections that go on in our HEADS. Yup, not even reality 😉

As hard as it may be, take some time to get comfortable with your fears! After all, they aren’t going anywhere until we bring them to the light… ❤

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