Ever have a moment when you come across a person, book, text, or a line from a tv show and you just KNEW it was a message from the Universe? Perhaps you’ve been meditating on a certain question or something has been on your mind, occupying huge chunks of time from your day, only to wonder to yourself whether what you came across was a coincidence or a divine moment of truth? 🙂

I don’t know about you but I have certainly had these moments many times before.

I used to wonder if it was just a coincidence or the power of thought… but since then I have come to learn to sit in the depth of my silence in order to truly discern what is true vs. what is desire.

Every morning I wake up, meditate, and as I’m getting the coffee going I look at the long list of new podcasts on my ipad and see what jumps out at me. Side note: I am a podcast addict! This particular Monday morning Rob Bell’s Robcast had just released a podcast titled, “Seasons”.

The moment I heard his familiar voice speaking through the ipad I could hear all the messages I needed to hear. It rang so true in my soul that I literally looked around me and up and said aloud, “Ok, I hear you!”

The podcast was so good I took notes…

Rob breaks down what it means to be in a season in your life or in transition between seasons.

He uses the WBS (warm body syndrome) as an example of how one might be in a season we need to let go of but remain stuck due to comfort, ease, fear. You see, sometimes it’s easier to have a warm body next to you than to face the hardship (but ultimately which will bring you greater joy) of moving on from the relationship.

Then he goes into what it means to GRIEVE. I thought this was the biggest revelation of the podcast. So many times when a season is ending or when you’re in the new season and things haven’t quite fallen into a groove have you ever found yourself in this weird state of misalignment? Something doesn’t quite click right… Where is this sadness coming from? Anxiousness? Weirdness? And then Rob breaks it down and mentions the magic word: grief. Holy smokes…. it all makes sense. Grieving takes time; and when you understand you are in a period of grief the best thing to do is give yourself the compassion and love to be in that space.

Related to grieving Rob also talks about liminal space. (I won’t lie. I had no idea what liminal space meant.) Liminal space is when you’re in the in between from one thing to another. In this case, seasons.

And last but not least a few more truth bombs:

  • “It’s a big deal if it’s a big deal to YOU”
  • “Emotions are your body telling you the truth” (of some form of truth that you are reacting to)
  • “It’s easy to criticize the previous season when you’re in the new season”
  • “The truth is you can’t make things, people, yourself right or wrong. It makes it unnecessarily hard”

There you have it…. Seasons.

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