Small Talk & Magic

Yesterday, I ran into an old acquaintance and as we were catching up over the last 3 years she had casually mentioned getting surgery due to a herniated disk. I then, because I couldn’t help myself, asked, “I hope you don’t mind me asking… but did you learn a lot from that experience?” And out imploded a rush of emotions and vulnerable sharing of what really transpired over the last 3 years.

It strikes me funny and odd at how we’ve come to mask the importance of life with casual short updates. Personally, I’ve come to learn that by going first, by offering an authentic and genuine piece of myself, sparks the most amazing conversations, connections, and relationships.

Shortly after, she asked what prompted me to ask her the question and I too shared my own experiences of the deep and dark places I had once been.

I love connecting with people. I’ve realized the more I authentically connect with a person the more we all have in common.

No matter the background we’ve lived, we all share the same human emotions and cathartic life experiences.

So here’s to small talk. Because underneath it all there is always a bigger life experience, and connection to be made. Magic.


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