Soul Session on FIRE

Last evening I had a Soul Session that was on fire.

I listened to what was weighing heavily on the heart and other life difficulties. We discussed a multitude of possibilities, but above all else we got to the core of what it means to be living NOW. To be at peace and knowing we are held; we are loved; we are perfectly where we need to be; we are perfect.

That said, what I really wanted to write about was the awe and gratitude that never ceases to amaze me.

Last evening was conducted over the phone, and what amazes me is how I am always matched with the right client and the right client always finds me. The growth we both feel can be none other than God at work. The Universe really does match people for a soul union and lasting relationship!

The kindness, bravery, and vulnerability it takes to be open and willing to face the truth is deeply respected and honored in sacred space.

I am always honored and humbled at each connection I make. My only wish is for a growing and expansive heart opening so that a bit more peace, love, and wisdom can enter the lives to all I connect with.

Thank you to all whom I have connected with and will continue to connect with. Your humility, grace, and inner wisdom is absolutely beautiful and I am honored to be witness to your life journey.

Forever yours,


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