Spring And Moving Forward

Where did the time go? It was as if it were just yesterday when I was savoring the holiday spirit and experimenting with gluten free baking, kombucha brewing, and all things HRV! And now it’s officially Spring?

I’ll tell you what happened – WORK! After taking a much needed break over the holidays and grounding myself in new interest while being close to family and friends, an old client (whom I adore!) called me asking to come back for another big project.

What was not so crazy (because really I know once you put something out there it typically comes back 😉 ) was that I had been truly thinking of my next client and how I wanted to feel the feelings of:

  • camaraderie
  • team work
  • laughter
  • joy
  • smiling with one another
  • being on a journey – together

And of course with every new project it means diving in 100%. Don’t get me wrong – I made sure I took care of myself and worked out when I needed and ensured I was taking care of my body. Though I do admit I did feel my body was being pushed physically and mentally with all the travel, which I can share about in another future post.

While I’ve been away, my heart hasn’t. I’ve been thinking about writing and sharing each time something came to me. My plan is to keep a regular cadence – at least once a week, bonus if I can manage more 😉

Speaking of Spring… have you felt a renewal of sorts? Something itching inside you that wants to be discovered? Played with? Perhaps an old interest that you never pursued but you find it popping up from time to time?

You can thank Spring for that. Spring is often a time of new beginnings. And this time around I am feeling a surge of new energy entering this season. The last week or so I found myself in a very intentional quiet moment of stillness. I don’t know why but I felt it was needed. And how perfect it was to say goodbye and thank you to Winter so that we can make this transition into a new season?

I hope that whatever it may be that asks for your attention with this renewal you take some time to light a candle, journal, or stare up at the stars & moon to let it really come to you. Let this Spring ignite a new fire within and release all that needs to be released with the farewell of Winter.


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