Spring Water Does The Body GOOD

“Would you beg a loved one to switch their water source?”


“Is it really that important?!”

“I think so”

It was on one beautiful spring afternoon while I was on a walk to China Beach when my friend told me she got a new water system called a Berkey. A what?! I asked her why she would invest in something like that and she said, “because I can get water without the fluoride and chlorine that my Brita can’t do”.

Now let’s hold it right there. When she first told me this I almost laughed out loud. Is this some new level of paranoia? Have we gone too far? That’s when I asked her if she truly felt in her heart whether this was something she absolutely needed her loved one to do, and she said yes.

That’s right about when I dove into water research.

Now, I believe it is our minds and the energy in which we consume anything that creates the high/low vibration within our bodies.

However, I do think that if you have the means and the access to fresh, local spring water why not? ? I’ll let this video do the explaining 🙂

Since re-locating (that’s a whole other story!) to Seattle recently I now have access to fresh, local, DELICIOUS spring well water! It’s amazing how long the lines are and it seems to be a not so secret place where the locals stock up on fresh water!

What I loved most was how patient, kind, and friendly everyone was while waiting their turn to retrieve water.

And if there wasn’t a better healing story while standing in line today a gentleman behind me shared with the folks in the line that his wife who had immense pain from fibromyalgia was completely healed by doing two things – 1) 5 days lemon water cleanse, 2) drinking de-fluoridated and de-chlorinated water. AMAZING.

So where can you find spring water? Try searching in your local area at Find a Spring first, and if all else fails there are water filtration alternative such as the Berkey which I’ve used personally for 2+ years.

Here’s to coming back to nature, respecting Mother Earth, and sharing it with our brothers and sisters ❤


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