Take The Time: Watch It Come And Go

I’ve been really meditating on yesterday’s post, Watch It Come And Go. I find that it’s a lot easier when you’re in ‘total’ alignment or when everything is humming along smoothly in life. But how about when it is really put to the test!?

  • When your routine is thrown off
  • When there’s a crisis at work
  • Or how about when your flight is delayed 6 hours?!

You see, over the holiday weekend I took a long road trip from San Francisco to Seattle and so the body is a bit more tired and same goes with the mind as well. I had all the feels, from relief that I finally have everything in one place to urgency around organization and completion (of letting the physical things go).

As the feels came and went I took a moment to watch it come and go. I took a moment to watch the reaction, be with the emotions, be curious about what was going on… and then I watched one emotion come and go, and another emotion do the same.

I practiced this pretty much all day yesterday and it took me a day to write this as I was doing more the practicing and observing than the writing 😉

So what about you? What tends to throw you off and what have you noticed coming up for yourself?

In wellness.


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