The Basics

I find it absolutely fascinating and love just how many new programs there are for upgraded nutrition, fitness, vitality,  relationships, next level breathing, meditation, you name it.

However, after listening to a recent podcast by Robb Wolf I became acutely aware of how easy it is to forget the basics.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for me, I noticed that when I am truly being mindful of the core basics in my life… life seems to be good. Real good.

But sometimes it’s easy to look out for the ONE THING that will make things so much easier. Thing is, there is never one thing nor is it ever really going to get you there any faster.

So I compiled a list of my core basics. The basics that make me truly happy and centered at my core.

  • Sleep – make sure you sleep in a pitch black dark room. Invest in some black out curtains and put black tape over any electric emitting light in the room. The quality of your sleep will SKY ROCKET! Trust me 🙂
  • Whole Foods – I often find that after a bit of travel my palette is desensitized to what real, whole foods taste like. Revel in how good the apple taste. Revel in how nutty and aromatic the almond tastes. When you can really taste the food in its purest form you can’t be anything but grateful for how good you have it.
  • Community – There is nothing like a group of kinfolk to call your peoples. Whether it’s your real home community, or a group of people you see regularly at yoga, community is where we are meant to thrive. Make sure you find a place where you can feel loved, accepted, and supported ?
  • Laughter – nothing like a deep belly laugh and a few tears trickling down your face to remind you how good this one is…
  • Movement – it’s so easy to forget this one. Work, kids, relationships can take over at any time and seem like a higher priority, but take the time out to stretch your limbs and realign your whole body after sitting all day. Move that stagnating energy around and feel the goodness and re-centering of your body and soul. There is nothing a workout can’t cure.
  • Nature & Light – For folks that sit in an office all day, I get it, it’s incredibly easy to literally not see the light of day but trust me when I say this… you’re body needs this. The three most important times of day to step out and bask in the sunlight is morning (upon waking preferably but not necessary), lunch or mid-afternoon, and evening. This photo period is critical to your circadian rhythm, and anyone who is or has experienced adrenal fatigue ?
  • Learning & Growth – ahhh…one of my faves. We are creating machines and part of being creative is learning and growing. When was the last time you remembered feeling school-kid excited about something? Or when you purchased a class, mentorship, or book because you knew it would feed your SOUL? Learning and growing are the two things that actively feed your feel good emotions, which is why I consider this one of my favorites!

So there you have it. The basics.

Before you dive head first into something new and exciting ask yourself, “how’s my foundation?” What are YOUR basics??

Discovering this for myself has added fuel to my personal power. Take some time to meditate on your basic list today 😉


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