The Everyday, All Day, Inspiration Journal

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of having a journal on me at all times. I’d call it a gratitude journal but it’s more of an “inspiration” journal. Whenever I’m struck by an inspirational quote, deep thought, or moments of gratitude I’ve gotten into the habit of physically writing it down.

Prior to this I would take these notes down in Evernote, or for the quick and easy every day reminders I would write them down on my phone’s notepad.

However, I find that physically writing things down brings me one level deeper to the quietness of the moment sans the neurosis of ensuring I have things categorically noted in Evernote… yes, I can be a bit type-A 😉

A few randoms from the journal…

  • I am grateful for winter. I am grateful for this feeling of coziness as I am wrapped in this huge fluffy sweater
  • I am grateful for spring water. 
  • I am grateful for the pup’s morning greeting.
  • I am grateful for this quiet time.
  • I am grateful for the quiet/expansiveness between my ears.
  • I am grateful for Abel & Tim (podcast)

Remember, when you try too hard you need to let go of the pedal and move with LIGHTNESS. The universe is always working for you. So tread light & believe. TRUST.

*Negative thoughts are a thing not who you are.*

Everything is your creation. Everything.
How will you decide to create your future?
What will the movie play?

~Use your powers for possibilities, miracles, and joy! -Pam Grout

What are some beliefs you still believe about yourself?
What are some of these stories?

With deepest regard. Namaste.

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