The God Box

I’ll be the first to admit I have an overly analytical mind that sometimes just won’t shut up 😉 At times it can be helpful, especially at work or when I’m planning a trip (which I am totally doing at the moment), but for the most part I tend to over do it.

That’s where the God Box comes into play…

Tosha Silver mentions a God Box and Gabrielle Bernstein has something similar she calls the Holy Triangle.  I love this concept. It involves faith, prayer, and the willingness to let go.

If you tend to re-think situations or problems… I’ve learned in order to truly allow your mind to be at peace – you must give it up to God. Whatever you are fearful of letting go or trying to control… let it go. Write it down on a peace of paper and put in the God Box. Whenever you find your mind ruminating on the subject once again just remember, it’s in the God Box. It’s in God’s hands… and out of yours. Let it go. Be at peace and have full faith that it is in God’s control now. Let it go. Have faith that whatever will be, will be – because worrying about it sure won’t add anything positive to the mix. Right? So let it go

It can be an actual box, on your altar, or even a notepad on your phone! The point is, give it up to God… it’s already in his hands if we can just get out of our own way.

Love and Peace

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