The Importance of Capturing Those Special Family Moments

These people are some of the most precious human beings on earth. Their kind souls are a gift to anyone they come to meet and especially to these two precious twin boys.

When I was asked to capture family portraits I literally squealed with excitement at the chance of being able to capture everyday life moments. When I decided to become a photographer there was only one reason that brought me to love the art of photography so much – it was the ability to capture the stillness, a moment in time, the meaning of the moment.

I love capturing the soul essence when it comes to individual portraits and couples, but families? There is something equally as special there… you see the behind the scenes, everyday moments are what gets me the most.

Sometimes we forget how perfectly imperfect the house was, or the moment when you are holding your baby boy and attempting to eat scrambled eggs right off the pan from a cooling stove top. Sometimes we don’t even realize how lovingly we are holding our child because it is so automatic to your nature, but to see it in a still? Priceless.

It was a pleasure capturing this family and I am more than happy to share some moments of their love.


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