The Soul Centered Room

Just a few short weeks ago I finally brought the rest of my belongings to Seattle. A few of my precious (actually they’re all precious since I try to only keep things I absolutely need!) finally made it home and I couldn’t wait to put it all together.

One Saturday evening as I was deep into reading the history of yoga, a vision came to me.

What if I created a space that was centered around all the things that touched my soul? A space where I can be, practice, and create? A space where I can share with others?

And so I got to work. I re-moved all of my items I had been unpacking in my room to another space purely dedicated to the SOUL.


It’s still a work in progress but boy do I love this space 💖

I can’t wait for what kind of magic takes places here… and as the finishing touches are put into place, what I am most excited about is welcoming others into this beautiful space for deep insights, hope, revelations, and peace as we turn the cards and dive deeper into what it means to be on this journey.

With love,


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