I am often amazed by timing.  To back up a bit…

All this week, beginning Sunday evening, I sensed a growing ball of anxiety starting in the pit of my stomach and slowly rising toward my chest. My breaths are short and shallow, and I find myself identifying more and more with a certain story in my head.

It started with worrying about a single event happening Friday. Then it lead to worrying about having visitors in town and whether or not I even have the mental capacity to handle all that is going on. Then it leads to future tripping about everything and anything that may have an impact to my health and well being. Yea… having had adrenal fatigue can get you hyper aware of stress…

Then I receive an email from a subscription I have with The Journal by Kevin Rose (it’s free by the way) and came across this quote at the very end of the email:


“People look to time in expectation that it will eventually make them happy, but you cannot find true happiness by looking toward the future.”

~Eckhart Tolle


This was divine timing. Prior to reading this quote I was telling myself (while deep down knowing this wasn’t true), if I can just get through these next few days… or if A and B happen then everything will be perfect.

Ha! What a trap that is huh? How often do we do this to ourselves only to miss what is happening right in front of us? To recognize and engage with the beautiful life that is unfolding right in front of us….NOW?

I’m grateful for this quote. I’m grateful for the deep breath I just took. I’m grateful for divine timing.

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