Tree Medicine

Lately I’ve been changing my “fitness” routine, or rather, preferred activity of moving from crossfit to more slow moving activities. For the most part 5 days out of the week I go to a nearby trail and walk the dog as well as practice yoga.

With work requiring so much of my time I’ve been noticing my stress levels on the rise with a bit of anxious energy from about mid-afternoon into the evening. Having gone through this before I decided to focus on activities that would help ground me but still get my blood flowing and my body moving 🙂

One day, I stopped to stare up at a giant douglas fir tree and stood there in awe of it’s grandeur. It wasn’t until the dog was pulling me to keep going along the trail that I had to tear myself away from the tree. However, I didn’t forget… there was something magical that happened.

I felt something deep within that moment and started to touch and even heavily pat on trees as I would pass by them. On one of the trees I would face away from the tree and start leaning back so that my back was heavily bounce against the tree trunk.