What Are Your Deal Breakers?

No, no…. I’m not talking about the kind of deal breakers you talk amongst your girlfriends or homies regarding your relationships with your significant other. I’m talking about the deal breakers for your relationship with YOURSELF!

Do you know what:

  • brings you to your limits?
  • makes you a happier person?
  • makes you cranky?
  • things or people you can tolerate (but really why)?

Deal breakers are an ever evolving list. We go through phases, experiences, and as we live our life so do our preferences evolve which influence our deal breakers; so it’s important to check in with yourself every so often to ensure you are honoring yourself.

I’ve come to realize the more in tune you are with your deal breakers the less chaos there is in your life. Instead of always playing defense you find yourself exactly where you want to be, because you never crossed the line in the first place.

Lately for me my deal breakers have been pretty simple but oh so important to my sanity and ultimate happiness, which I was reminded of very quickly during my travels:

  • SLEEP, a good 7-8 hours plus 2 hours of downtime before bed
  • Less travel and more wuality time with family, friends, and MYSELF <- this is certainly a new one as a previous version of me wouldn’t have blinked at travel
  • 1 hour of moving the body whether it is crossfit, yoga, pilates, or cycle
  • Time to work on cultivating my interest and skill set (more on this soon)

It’s so easy to say yes to another dinner invite and let it creep into my evening schedule… it’s so easy to take on another client… it’s easy to accept one more meeting and skip my workouts (which happen to be a form of meditation)…

Which is why identifying and honoring your deal breakers is so important! So here’s to honoring your deal breakers and ultimately yourself.


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